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Thanks for your interest in volunteering at the Great Welsh Beer & Cider

With a new home at the Wales Millennium Stadium for 2014, the festival is
looking for both new and regular volunteers, who must ALL be registered
with the festival in advance to meet the venues security protocol.

*Set Up - Monday 2nd, Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th June: 9am to 6pm. *

We need people to help us turn 2370 square meters, approximately 1/4 of a
rugby pitch, into the biggest pub in Wales!

*When the festival open*

We need over 200 volunteers to keep the festival running. Whether you can
volunteer for a couple of hours after work, have a day off from revision or
are free from 11am to 11pm, we'd like to see you!

We need volunteers to serve beer and cider, but also to meet 'n' greet
drinkers or support them to enjoy a range of tradition pub games. There's
also a chance to use more specialist skills by joining our cooling,
cellarmen, finance or stewarding teams.

*Take down - Sunday 8th June; 10am - 4pm *

The party's over, so the clean-up begins! We need people to help us safely
break down the bar, prepare the equipment for transport and stack our
empties ready to return them to the breweries.

Click HERE to register

If you've read the details on the website but still have a question about
volunteering, please contact the staffing office directly by emailing

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